Camp Good Grief 5K 2017

Camp Good Grief 5k is a Success!

The Camp Good Grief 5K 2017 was held on October 1st at Memorial Park Funeral Home.  There was a great turn out by runners and their families as well.  15 Kids will get to go to camp this summer because of the efforts of this race.  Mark Pugh, president of Pugh's Earthworks and his brothers/partners in the business sponsored this race from the beginning. This race is 8 years old.  The other sponsors that have been with this race since inception are Memorial Park and Pugh's Flowers. Moe's joined in as a sponsor 4 years ago.  The Pugh family and staff are proud to be associated with this event and are instrumental in it's success.



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Lawn and Landscape Magazine Featured Us!

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The August 2017 edition of Lawn and Landscape Magazine featured Pugh's Earthworks. Below is a snip from the beginning of the article. 

The transition from brothers to business partners wasn’t easy for the Pughs. In fact, two of the brothers came to blows in a conference room, which eventually led to family counseling (more on that later.).

But when their father suddenly passed away, leaving behind several flower shops in Memphis, they had to learn how to work together – or they would fall apart.

When Bill Pugh died in 1987, Mark, president and owner, was only 16, Tim, vice president and owner was 19 and Michael, chief financial officer was 22. The older Pughs helped deliver flowers for years. But Mark’s busy sports schedule didn’t allow him to work regular hours, so he landscaped around the neighborhood.

They had no idea they’d end up owning their father’s business, spinning off several companies or expanding throughout the region.

“I actually took a leave of absence from my job for a few months to help dad’s partner with some of dad’s responsibilities because I thought we were going to sell the business,” says Michael, who was managing a sporting goods store at the time. Instead, with their mom’s help, Tim, bought out their father’s business partner to keep the flower shops in the family.

“One day my brother’s driving a delivery van, the next day he’s the owner of the company,” Michael says. “The employees were twice our age; they’d known us since we were 10 or 12, and now we’re their bosses.

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We've added new faces to the Memphis office.

alicia thompson earthworks russell holloway earthworks josh long earthworks

Welcome a few new faces to our Memphis team! Alicia Thompson is our new customer service representative. If you give us a call you will likely get her on the phone first.  She is great and we are lucky to have her.   Russell Holloway is also new to us and he will be working as an account manager. He's out and about all day and you very well may see him on your property.  Last but not least, Josh Long has been with us as a spray technician but recently was moved to the position of account managers.  Be sure to welcome these new faces (and voices) when you see them! 

Pugh's Earthworks has offices in Memphis, Nashville, Little Rock, Jacksaon MS and Jackson TN.  We have openings for field technicians in all of our offices. Fill out and submit this form if you are interested in a career with us.

Spring Conference Rolls out Technology Advancements, Pugh's Earthworks

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Technology was the theme of the 2017 Spring Conference and season kick off. Our annual spring conference was an exciting time and much was learned. We all learned a lot about some hi-tech new software we are using that will make our company much more efficient. Technology, planning and effort equal time management and efficiency.  A great BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of our sponsors that helped make our trip happen. SiteOne, Kubota, Dixie Rents, BWI, Kalb Equipment, Glass Doctor, Bank 3, Isuzu, Jones Green Houses, Neely Coble Company, and Alternative Energy Products. Photos below include group shots from our Little Rock offices, Memphis office, Nashville office,  and our Jackson MS office.

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Pugh's Earthworks Visits with Students at Overton High School

barkley career day overton high shcool

Career Day was held at Overton High School the second week in February. Pugh's Earthworks sent owner, Mark Pugh, and assistant Barkley Sanders to talk to the students about a career in the landscaping field.  Landscape workers are some of the hardest working folks around and there is so much pride in a hard day's work.  "It's easy to see the fruits of your labor and that makes the job very rewarding", says owner Mark Pugh.  Pugh's Earthworks promotes from within the company first and believes in taking care of it's hard working crew.  Landscape work is somewhat seasonal in nature due to the slow down of green growth in the winter months. However, due to recent weather patterns, growth does not slow as much as in past decades and many crews are working year round.  If you like sunshine and working with your hands we encourage you to apply at Pugh's Earthworks.  Pugh's has offices in Memphis, Little Rock, AR, Nashville, TN, Jackson, MS, and Jackson TN.  Apply here online or call 866-207-0735 to inquire about a position with one of the region's top landscape companies.

February Landscaping Tips, Pugh's Earthworks

FebruaryLandscapingTips Pughs Earthworks

February is the time for pruning most trees and shrubs.

  • Fruit trees can be pruned. (after the foliage has fallen)  Simply removing the leader (mainly the only plants you would want to do this with are fruit trees) will encourage more horizontal growth. By pruning fruit trees in this manner, you encourage the fruit production on branches that can hold the weight of the fruit, additionally it allows more sunlight and air circulation in the center of the trees. This is a very natural way of fending off mildew and disease.   
  • Oaks are best pruned while dormant, so feel free to prune them until the end of March.  In addition to pruning Oak trees, you can also now prune Ash, Hackberry, Coffeetree, Tree, Lindens, Mountainash, Poplar and Willows. You should wait to prun Black Alder, Birch, Maple, Butternut and Black Walnut until later in May when the sap stops flowing.
  • Most shrubs can be thinned out in February (renewal pruning), or headed back to reduce the size of the plants.  Deciduous shrubs that bloom on new wood can be pruned back anytime from now until they start to grow in spring. Deciduois shrubs lose their leaves in fall and add seasonal color and texture changes to the landscape. The flowers, foliage, fruit and bark provide color and landscape interest. A properly selected group of shrubs adds interest to the landscape throughout the year so be sure to care for these plants as they add value and appeal.

We're Hiring in our Jackson TN office

Pugh''s Earthworks is hiring several positions in our Jackson, TN office. If you like to work outside then we want you!  Contact Dawson at 901-546-0099 or fill out this online application. Come grow with us!

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Nashville's hospitality industry prepares for big growth

As Tennessee’s capitol continues to develop, industry, tourism, and infrastructure are preparing for what is next.

The August luncheon for the Greater Nashville Hospitality Association (GHNA) featured a discussion about the rapid growth of Nashville, particularly as it relates to hotels in the city. GNHA works to provide support and advocacy for all hospitality related businesses and serves as a leading educator in the Nashville area hospitality industry.

 Metro Planning Department Executive Director Doug Sloan spoke about NashvilleNext, the 25 year vision for the city. The plan, adopted last year by the planning commission, was a combined effort of 18,500 community participants. It focuses on the growth, development, and preservation of the emerging and ever-changing city.

Sloan referred to NashvilleNext, a guiding force for Nashville’s future, where population is expected to experience significant growth 2040. The issues addressed in NashvilleNext anticipate solutions for the flourishing climate of the hospitality industry.

“Our department by nature is a department of change,” Sloan said.

According to, the 25-year plan aims to:

·         Preserve our neighborhoods while building housing close to transit and jobs

·         Protect rural character and natural resources

·         Create walkable centers with jobs, housing and services in suburban and urban areas

·         Expand walking, biking and transit

·         Make our city affordable for all Nashvillians

Nashville was named by Forbes as one of the top 16 destinations of 2016, and Nashville visitors spent in excess of 5.5 million dollars in 2015. The tourism-related field employs almost 60,000 metropolitan Davidson County residents.

by Kristi Stephens Walker,
Community Representative for Pugh’s EarthWorks


Seeking Operations Support Manager

Pugh’s Earthworks in Memphis, TN is seeking a motivated individual for the new position of Operations Support Manager. This is a full time office position with a start time of approximately 6:30 am from March thru Sept and 7:30 am from Oct to Feb. Benefits include no two days a like, constant opportunities to shape this position, health insurance, paid vacation and 401 K matching contributions.


Coordination with managers on daily schedules of landscape maintenance crews across 5 markets. Entering schedules into our management software and evaluating crew routes. Evaluating crew performance based on projected job hours’ vs actual hours worked.


PC literate with familiarity in MS Office products mainly Word and Excel.

Strong work ethic and ability to be punctual.

Previous experience in a contractor or dispatch position preferred.

Analytical and interpretive Skills.

Strong Organizational skills.


Mainlining and correcting crew assignments on a daily basis.

Dispatching jobs to crews using Service Autopilot software.

Evaluating routes for efficiency using industry leading software.

Helping distribute purchase orders from software.

Maintain customer / crew work order database to ensure that crew hours and services are properly tracked.

Send resumes with salary requirements to

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